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Suggested Reading:

"Aircraft Wrecks, The Walkers Guide" by Nick Wotherspoon, Alan Clark & Mark Sheldon

A cracking new guide to the Aircraft Wrecks of the British Isles, I got Flash to review my copy of this book, he loved it and went out and bought his own one, nicely printed with lots of info and photos, save up your pennies for a copy. ISBN 184415910-8

(No, I don't get commission!)

"High Ground Wrecks and Relics" by David J Smith

"Hell on High Ground" Vols 1 & 2  by David W Earl


The return of Jim Corbett and friends at Aircraft Crash Investigation & Archaeology, site currently still under construction but it should be a good one when up and running.

This new Website has been created by David Earl to compliment his two excellent books on the subject of Aircraft crashes in the UK, lots of fine photos to be found on this site.

Neil Daniel runs this site about the recovery of a Fairey Battle from an Icelandic glacier. This site also contains many other crash sites featuring quite a few in Scotland. 

Two Norwegian men and a dog! Looks like we no longer hold the monopoly on human/canine wreck hunting! This is a superb site showing  many of the fantastic crash sites to be found in Norway and all artfully photographed.

If you thought it was only sad blokes who scour the countryside in search of plane wrecks then think again. At last a sad girly who also does the same! Linzee has checked out a few wrecks in Scotland so why not check her site out.

As the Banner says this Link is to the Peak District Air Accident Website, don't be fooled by the Peak District bit as these guys get around and have visited a wide selection of Wrecks throughout the British Isles.

Here's a great site by Richard Allenby on crashes on the North Yorkshire Moors and also a few from Scotland as well!


Here's an Aviation Archaeology Website from Northern Ireland run by Will Lindsay with lots of interesting old pics from that particular part of the world.

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